An exciting range of new workshops coming soon to support you and your growing child.

We are introducing a range of lovely workshops very soon for you and your family including

  • Healthy eating in pregnancy
  • Your little ones developing brain
  • Baby yoga for tummy time
  • Messy play
  • Grow Crafty Kids for 3 – 8 year old’s can help nurture imagination, develop problem-solving, thinking and motor skills and is all about having fun and experimenting and learning from mistakes

Call us on 01271 371961 for more details.

What can I expect?

More information will be here very soon on our new and exciting workshops.

A place where children can let go of certainty and to explore different ways of using objects and materials and feel secure enough to ‘have a go’ so that they may learn new things and be adventurous. Creativity involves being able to respond in a way that is unique or original and explore all sorts of ideas for creating their next masterpiece.

Creative play and artistic activities have a central role in children’s learning and development.

Our experienced leaders will introduce plenty of opportunities for creativity to flow.

Other things to consider