This experience will give you an opportunity to learn more about your new baby.

Grow bump to baby is an ideal place to meet other pregnant couples in your area. Your relationship with your baby starts before he or she is born and part of the Grow experience focuses on helping you get to know your unborn baby. Our two-hour sessions are warm, friendly and relaxed, providing great support in your third trimester as you prepare for life beyond pregnancy.

Group of parents-to-be on a sofa one holds a doll.

What can I expect?

Our regular five-week experiences give you (and your birth partner) access to our bump to baby qualified leaders. As well as preparing you for parenthood, our leaders draw on the latest evidence to prepare you physically and emotionally for the birth of your baby.

Bump to baby helps

  • let you get to know your baby in the womb
  • you, your partner and your baby through pregnancy
  • you understand your changing relationships
  • you learn about feeding and caring for your baby in those crucial early days after giving birth
  • support you after your baby is born
  • give time to find answers to your many questions, hopes and anxieties

When bumps turn into babies, we also hold a free get-together to reunite the group and celebrate the birth of your beautiful babies.

Other things to consider