This experience will give you an opportunity to learn the relaxing techniques of baby massage. 

Grow Baby massage is a lovely way to show your baby how much you love and care for them through touch, soothing them when they are distressed and relaxing them to help them sleep.

Baby is massaged by its parent's bare hands.

What can I expect?

Grow Baby massage is for babies from six weeks up to crawling making it an ideal first experience together.  Each session lasts about an hour and during this time you’ll learn many techniques to help calm and soothe your baby in our baby-friendly settings. Our experienced leaders will show you all you need to know to get started with baby massage.  Each week we focus on a different area of your baby and we also recap on the previous weeks strokes.

Massage has many benefits, from bonding with your baby to helping to ease the pain of colic, wind, constipation or teething, as well as helping you and your baby to relax. Loving touch and skin contact help your baby to thrive.

It also helps

  • enhance parent/baby communication
  • to improve your baby’s sleep pattern
  • aid your baby’s digestion
  • to strengthen your baby’s immune system
  • new parents to gain confidence in handling their baby
  • promote relaxation of both parents and baby

We provide an information booklet and a bottle of massage oil so you’re able to continue massaging your baby at home.

Other things to consider